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    Welcome to Expandable

    Expandable is the manufacturer of the Expandable Trailer and Expandable Container.

    You can either buy or rent an empty trailer directly from our factory and convert it into your specific design, with your own trusted driver and team.

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    What can the Expandable do for you

    Close the gap between you and your target audiences with the Expandable trailer or container! Increase brand awareness and spread your message by building a mobile exhibition, medical clinic, or hospitality lounge when- and wherever you desire. 

    The Expandable is a mobile and representative space capable of displaying unique objects and carrying large equipment. Additionally, we offer our clients the option to buy or self-drive and operate the mobile trailer/container.

    Interested in an all-purpose marketing tool?
    Find out what the Expandable can do for you!

    Expandable trailer Expandable container

    What about Self Driving?

    We at Expandable believe in doing straightforward business. In order to make it possible for a large amount of clients, we are offering a unique way of renting an (empty) trailer, which you can modify and drive yourself.

    You collect the trailer, modify it, do your show(s) and bring it back when you are finished. Simple, fast and cost effective.

    Our unique self-drive concept enables you to use an Expandable at any budget!!

    Self drive trailer self drive container