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    expandable trailer

    About Expandable

    For years now, we have been an active supplier of transportation equipment operating under our partner company – Becx.  Given our long history in the transportation industry, a strong affiliation with transportation is an understatement. 

    We realized that affordable and spacious extendable trailers are not easy to come by. This may be an issue especially for those with a strong appreciation for such technologies and techniques. The need for such a product planted the seeds for our beloved Expandable. As of 2015, we have been testing, designing, and producing multiple prototypes; resulting into the Expandable we know today.

    Delivery and production

    In the final half of 2018, our first Expandable Trailers and Containers will be ready for delivery. Additionally, our new headquarter is set-up and ready to produce all new Expandable products and equipment by the end of Summer 2018. During the manufacturing process we aim to provide an all-purpose mobile extendable solution that is affordable and available when- and wherever you desire.

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    Quality, performance, and affordability

    Expandable wields a customer driven approach that enables us to outperform our competitors. Without reducing both the quality and performance of our vehicles we are able to provide rapid lead times and first-rate prices. Additionally, the machines are capable to serve a wide variety of objectives.

    Transform the Expandable into different types of mobile trailers/containers for:

    • Hospitality, events, expo’s, and marketing
    • Mobile medical clinics
    • Exhibitions
    • Rolling/mobile kitchens
    • Broadcasting and live-performances
    • And much more!

    If you are in the market for a mobile trailer or container, look no further. We can confidently claim  that you will not be able to find an expandable trailer or container with a similar loading capacity, price and lead time anywhere else. 

    Expand your horizon by investing in an Expandable trailer/container or make use of our rental services that include self-drive, or hire one of our experienced operators. 

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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