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    Event Trailer

    Don’t let your customer come to you, move to them! Design a mobile themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote your new product, service, cause, or organization on-site. The mobility of an event trailer opens up numerous opportunities for your organization; enabling you to set-up at any location, time, or event.

    Event marketing is crucial to a marketing campaign and allows you to engage with your customers and build your company in a non-conventional way. With the use of an event trailer you will be able to target customers more efficiently, develop meaningful relationships and networks, and increase customer engagement by creating an experience they will never forget. 

    Event trailers for sale at Expandable

    We at Expandable understand the importance of sharing your brand’s message, which is why we have created the Expandable. Our mobile trailers have an extremely fast set-up time, a loading capacity similar to that of conventional trailers, and are compatible with big- and conventional trucks.

    Next to that, the Expandable carries a sleek design, is lowered for improved accessibility for your customers, and priced at only half the price of our competitors’. Making it the most affordable alternative in the event trailer industry.

    The trailer is able to transform to a flat walking surface of 65m2 with a substantial amount of free space – 165m3 to be exact – to be furnished to your preferences and goals. And, we are able to deliver your new event trailer in only 2 months’ time. 

    If you are in the market for a temporary event trailer, our vehicles are also for hire for periods over 3 months.

    An Expandable marketing experience!

    Expand your horizon, and invest in a mobile marketing experience by transforming the Expandable into a wonderful event trailer for your next big event!

    We offer the most affordable prices and are experienced in selling the best mobile/containers on the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need any additional information.

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