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    Expandable container

    Expandable Container

    Purchase an Expandable container

    Ever thought about buying an Expandable container?

    Mobile Container for sale

    Our Expandable Containers are known for their wide flat-surface area of 32m2, which makes them the appropriate tool for displaying large and heavy cargo such as cars and medical equipment. In addition, its spacious interior also provides for an excellent exhibition area for smaller objects and artwork.

    The mobile container has a highly customizable in- and exterior. Due to its flexibility in configuration it is possible to adopt a variety of options such as a modified window structure, installing a rooftop, and/or implementing climate control.

    Our redefined manufacturing process allows us to deliver your new mobile container within two months. Additionally, after the two-month lead period, it is possible to fully customize the interior in order to match and to fulfil the needs of your next project.

    Multiple mobile container solutions

    Furnish the container with medical apparatus to function as mobile promotional container, or arrange a set of tables and chairs to create a lively bar/café. Its specifications support endless opportunities and possibilities. By tailoring the container to your preferences you will be capable to remodel the mobile container into a marketing tool or mobile kitchen.

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    Expandable’s container specifications

    The Expandable container has the following specifications:

    Flat-surface area

    7,65m x 4,85m (32m2)

    Loading capacity


    Floor (height)


    Roof (height)


    The container is available in two different variants:

    In addition to a loading capacity of 85m3, our mobile containers also possess extremely fast set-up and dismantle times, interchangeable walls, a sleek design, and compatibility with mega- and conventional trucks. Next to that, you can also rent one of our containers for a negotiable rental period. All-in-all for the most affordable prices on the mobile container market.

    Expand your horizon with the Expandable mobile container!

    Look at our broacast container, catering container and event container for a multitude of designs and images of the Expandable. Get inspired and find out what the Expandable can do for you. We are more than happy to guide you in the process of finding the optimal configuration that fits your next enterprise. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, or if you are interested in purchasing an Expandable mobile container.