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    expandable trailer

    Expandable Trailer

    Purchase or rent an Expandable mobile trailer

    Ever thought about buying or renting an Expandable trailer?

    Purchase an Expandable Trailer

    Interested in purchasing the Expandable mobile trailer for your next public display or mobile trailer adventure? Our Expandable trailers are highly-customizable and form the custom-built solution for any mobile marketing objective. 

    With a similar loading capacity as conventional trailers and compatibility with both big and standard trucks – the Expandable is the choice for you. Our affordable prices and short lead times allow you to take it to the road as quickly as possible.

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    Rent an Expandable Trailer

    Rent your Expandable mobile trailer with the option to self- drive or to hire an operator. The offering to self-drive is unique to our industry and allows our clients to pick-up the trailer without being obliged to hire a truck and chauffeur. In addition, it is also possible to get your trailer delivered to a desired destination.

    We allow for flexible rental periods depending on the operator and location, and we are glad to offer a service that meets your preferences.

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    Contact us for a quotation, or if you are interested in additional information about our rental process.

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