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    expandable trailer

    Rent an Expandable trailer

    Ever thought about renting an Expandable trailer?

    Mobile trailers for rent

    In addition to purchasing an Expandable trailer it is also possible to rent one of our mobile trailers. We are remarkably flexible in regards to our rental periods. So, if you want to rent a mobile extendable trailer for just the day or for several years – you are at the right place.

    Expandable’s mobile trailer rental process

    The rental process goes as follows:

    • Every client receives elaborate instructions of the trailer’s configuration and set-up process – including access to a digital copy of its instructions. 
    • You pick-up the Expandable mobile trailer on the agreed date and time and can choose between the option to self-drive (no chauffeur and/or truck) or to hire an operator
    • In case of an emergency, our service network is available 24/7 to offer (technical) support whenever you need it.
    • After its utilization period you easily return the vehicle back to one of our pick-up points.

    Simple as that. All made possible due to the trailer’s hydraulic capabilities and time-efficient technologies.

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    Why you should rent a mobile trailer at Expandable

    Each trailer carries a sleek design and is compatible with big- and conventional trucks. Nothing is impossible with the Expandable as it’s capable of transforming into a wide variety of mobile trailers such as an Event trailer, Exhibition trailer, or even Medical trailer. And, if you are in need of inspiration for the interior of your next roadshow – or if you are looking for roadshow management – our partners all over Europe have a comprehensive understanding of our products and are happy to inform you about the trailer’s (technical) possibilities.

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    Expandable’s mobile trailer specifications

    The Expandable trailer has the following specifications:

    Flat-surface area

    13,2m x 4,85m (65m2)

    Loading capacity


    Floor (height)


    Roof (height)


    The trailer is available in three different variants

    Self-drive your mobile trailer

    At Expandable, we strive for optimal up-time and want to provide the most cost-effective solution in the industry. Because of this, we understand the importance of time and urgency – which is why we created the Expandable mobile trailer and the unique option to self-drive your trailer.

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    Mobile trailer operator

    If you do not have your own truck or personnel, Expandable can provide you with an operator. We will make sure that the mobile trailer gets delivered at a predetermined time and location. If need be, we can also help you with the setup and installation.

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our rental agreement, payment options, or any other type of enquiry. We will gladly provide you with the necessary information.